Your tummy can be caused by these 5 common diseases, not caused by excess weight! Treat them and get a slim belly!

These are solutions for a good shape based on belly type.

“Love Handles”

Side “cushions” appear if you: drink a lot of alcohol, eat sweets and sugar or sit too much during the day. Try and find time for exercise, modify your diet and exclude alcohol. Physical training will help.

Stress Belly

This is where the belly is surrounded with fat. Unhealthy food, excessive consumption of coffee, irritable bowel syndrome, omitting meals and high stress can cause this. Go to bed at a reasonable time, de-stress before you go to sleep, add magnesium to your diet and restrict intense exercise. Chamomile tea before sleep, stretching and yoga are a must.

Low Belly

This belly can be low because of spinal curvature, because you just became a mom, because your diet is bad or because you are making poor exercise choices. You should start eating a fiber-rich diet, stop squatting, balance your exercise and drink water!

Mommy’s Belly

This belly is still looks pregnant. This can be because you have no time for yourself, your pelvis muscles are weak, or you started training to early.

Take fish oil, eat healthy fats, do Kegel exercises, suck in your belly, stop squatting and doing crunches. Stretch your before you go to sleep and have a daily nap.

Inflated Belly

This belly is different in the morning and in the evening because of a food allergy, imbalance in intestinal flora or sluggish bowels. Have breakfast daily, cut out bad foods, go on a diet including meat, fish, poultry, fresh vegetables and take pre- and to maintain healthy gut balance. Breathing exercises daily and a walk after every meal are necessary.

So what’s your belly type? Share your results before and after!

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