You Should Never Shave Your Public Area Because Of These Reasons…

You may pay so much attention to your body’s hygiene but some habits that you do are totally wrong. For example, you always make sure that you have shaved your public area before having sexual intercourses. But, did you know that shaving your public hair can cause some serious infections in your life?

Types of shaving

There are so many options to get rid of public hair like:

  • using razors,
  • applying anti-shaving creams,
  • doing a waxing treatment,
  • getting a laser treatment.


Each of these methods can be harmful.

Why are these methods harmful?

There are so many women that shave their public area with the same razor for many months. It sounds terrible but it’s true.

From the dynamic life, some women urgently apply anti-shaving creams to their sensitive creams without checking its expiration date. This habit can irritate their skin and while peeing they get a feeling of burn for a couple of hours.

Doing a waxing treatment is another method women choose to do. But, the risk is the women that are going to shave another’s women vagina, may have forgotten to wash her hands.

Getting a laser treatment can be a lifetime solution but did you know that you can be infected with many diseases in the future from the radiation?

As you can see, almost all of the public shaving methods aren’t safe and can make you a victim of an infection.

Why is hair important for your health?


Waxing is not safe now authorities make sure with no pubic hair, the region can quickly be irritated and contaminated with bacteria.

However, these methods can make your skin irritated if you don’t have enough care while doing the process.

Hair comes with a purpose, offering a cushion against friction that is the obvious consequence of long awaited, and will trigger injury and skin scratching, defense from bacteria as well as other unwanted pathogens teenage hormones, truly, nothing to be ashamed of or uncomfortable about. So shaving the public hair is a big mistake.

Side effects of shaving your public area

Shaving your public area can be sexy for your partner but risky for your health. These side effects include:


  • Spreading STD’s
  • Cutting yourself so badly
  • Causing genital problems

See the video below for more information:


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