Which Is Your Personality Type According To Breasts Shape? Find Out Now.

Women’s breasts are the sexiest part of the body. If you have ever wondered that there are just 2 types of breasts like big and small, you’re totally wrong. There are more than two shapes of women’s breasts. Some women have smaller boob’s but when we see them in a more provocative dress we think that they have such big boobs which make we confused. The shape is so important until is going to express the bra in its best or worst way.

Did you know that if you don’t wear any bra you can make your breasts saggy?

Breasts shape can say so much about your character. For example, women that have round shaped breasts differ totally from the women that have more triangle shaped breasts. From the first impression, the shape of breasts will make us understand if a woman is bitchy or a madam.

Below you can learn about your personality which is related to the kind of breasts you have.

  1. You are refined intellectual

Ladies of with this type of breast have a wonderful personality. They are always kind, but in what they differ from the other types is the intellectuality, if you are one of this type you probably have no problem with solving puzzles and you are a fast thinker. Sometimes you are boring for the people around you with the themes you start, and normally have completely different views of the other people. What you love the most is the stillness and comfort. You want to be alone and not worrying for feelings. Finally, this kind of people tends to hide their emotions in front of other people.

  1. You are very independent and born to lead
    Type of a successful person, very independent and never ask for any help. If you are one of this type you use the power of logic and want to be in control of things. People might think you are cold but you are only calm and stable. The best women leaders are with this type of breasts.
  2. You are a charmer and adventurer
    You are one of those people who think outside of the box, you have a great adventure spirit. You like to surprise people and finally it is not unusual for you to offend people all the time.
  3. You are an optimist and a dreamer
    You are a quiet and dreamy person. You always look from the bright side of the things even if you are worried about something. You are always cheerful and have time for other people. You are careful and smart person who is shy. You can offend the people around you with your humor.
  4. You are unforgettable and passionate
    Women with this breast shape are courageous, their personality is impressive and really attractive. They resolve the difficult tasks in life with great fervor. Their great passion in life has its dark side– sometimes they are unscrupulous. They always leave very strong impact on the environment, and attract the attention of all. They make decisions quickly and very easily lose their temper.
  5. Reliable and kind
    You are a person that everybody needs in their life, very grateful and kind. Some people will say that you are a bit mysterious. You are accepted by many people and some people look at you like you are a member of their family.
  6. You are wise and dignified
    You are a wise and religious person, also very proud. If you are one of this type, you tend to get better in everything. These people like to invest their time in learning new things. You like philosophy. You are a good friend, but always tend to protect your own interests.
  7. Unusual and creative
    You are a popular and stable person. You are good at evaluating people. Sometimes you tend to be melancholic. You do the things on your own way while the creativity and expression are your stronger sides. You always like to show the people how different you are. People like you because of your charm.
  8. Clean and virtuous
    You are a customizable, well-mannered and good person. You are doing great with other people. But sometimes you are shy at the beginning. You believe in your qualities and you know how to judge. People often ask for opinion or advice. You are born for special things. You have a great personality!
  9. Charisma and smile
    You’re one of those persons that always bring good vibes everywhere you go. You know how with very little to achieve a lot, maybe because you are dreamer and fantasist that’s way you go so far in anything you try.
  10. You are full of energy
    You share your positive energy around you. You are always in the center of attention and you know how to deal with it. You like to seduce and to be seduced by others and giving you attention. You don’t like regimes and routines and you also don’t like practical persons who don’t use their heart. You live under the motto “love is all I need”.
  11. The mystery wrapped in an enigma
    This is a person that you can trust, responsible and reliable. They like to take serious tasks with great confidence. There is not much information for these type of people due to mysterious actions.

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