What does the shape of your thumb reveal about your personality?

There is a very strong connection between our physical features and the personality traits which we display. Our physical appearance, our physical uniqueness etc. do play a great role in determining what we think of ourselves and the way we shape our personalities, and they, therefore, reveal a lot about who we are.

There are 5 different kinds of thumbs which we have and they vary in their shapes. The thumb actually has one joint which joins the upper and the lower parts of the thumb.

Also, a thumb can be either flexible or inflexible. So, which one is yours and what does it say about you?

What is the shape of your thumb?

#1 Type A – The upper half is bigger than the lower half

If this is the shape of your thumb, then you are someone with a tendency to overreach. You are someone who is not satisfied with mediocrity and you would always reach for the stars. Your desire to excel is evident in your personality and even when you are quiet, your mind is thinking of reaching new heights.

Further, you are someone who can get obsessed with your goals. You desire to succeed can get truly intense. But the fact is that you are not the kind of person who would be boastful about it but would be grateful and humble for your success. It is this blend of humility and desire which makes you the incredible person you are.

#2 Type B – The lower half of the thumb is bigger than the upper half

If this is the shape of your thumb, then you are the kind of person who is deeply rooted in your origins and humble, to say the least. You are the sort of person who is calm, content, but most importantly, considerate. You are not the one who promises the stars but the one who delivers on their words.

Also, your personality is such that you value the little things in your life. You find joy and peace in the small things for which you are grateful and this is what makes you a gentle person. You keep your feet on the ground but think of higher ideas, never forgetting where you came from and always fulfilling your duties towards those who helped you reach where you are. You are, therefore, the kind of person who is rich, maybe not of money, but definitely of love and heart.

#3 Type C – Both the halves are of equal size

If this is the shape of your thumb, then you are the kind of person who would forever be inclined towards seeking a balance. You would always strive for harmony and you are the kind of person who would bring together people to the middle ground. Your personality is built to seek equilibrium and nothing else would suffice for you.

Further, you are someone who is highly driven by the yin-yang theory of life. For every bad, you would find a good; for every ugly, you would find a beautiful; and for every setback, you would find another way ahead. Through luck, effort, or sheer will, you are the kind of person who would find a balance and be someone worth emulating. Your life, therefore, would build towards physical, spiritual, and emotional harmony.

#4 Type D – Flexible

If you have a flexible thumb, then you are the kind of person who is extremely adept at adapting to changing situations. You are a survivor by nature and you are usually the first one to realize a changing situation and changing accordingly.

You are, therefore, someone who is flexible with thoughts and able to change your opinion based on new facts. You have an open mind which is capable of switching attitudes and behavior as and when needed in order to achieve your goals. This is a quality which is rare to possess for it gives you the advantage to survive even under the most difficult circumstances and make the most of it.

#5 Type E – Inflexible thumb

If you have an inflexible thumb, then you have a personality which is dominant and somewhat stubborn. You are someone who sticks by their words and you swear by your promises. You are someone who is inflexible about your goals and if you have set your heart to something, there’s really nothing which would prevent you from acting towards it.

Further, you are the kind of person one can trust and rely on as you are someone who would never waiver. Your loyalty, like your personality, is absolute and you are the kind of person one can trust their lives with. You are, therefore, the kind of person whose stubborn nature is actually a boon as it is not mindless but based on well-thought ideas and often the beautiful ones.


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