The Essential Oil That Fights Anxiety, Stop Arthritis Pain & Help You Sleep

Roman chamomile essential oil has been used for centuries to help treat skin conditions, relieve digestive issues, reduce inflammation and more. It has natural antispasmodic, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that work wonders as a part of natural health remedies. If you’ve never tried Roman chamomile essential oil, below are eight reasons why you should!

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil Health Benefits

1. Fights Anxiety

Roman chamomile essential oil has mild sedative properties that can help calm nerves and reduce anxiety. The oil’s fragrance travels to the brain when inhaled and serves as an emotional trigger to promote relaxation.

2. Relieves Allergies

The antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of Roman chamomile oil have the ability to relieve swelling and congestion caused by allergies. Applying the oil topically can also help heal skin irritations caused by food allergies.

3. Helps Alleviate PMS Symptoms

Roman chamomile essential oil is a natural antispasmodic. It can soothe menstrual cramps and body aches that are associated with PMS.  Diffuse the oil at home to help boost mood and soothe PMS symptoms.

4. Cures Insomnia

Studies have shown that Roman chamomile essential oil can help improve sleep by reducing stress levels and balancing hormones.  Diffuse the oil in your bedroom to help fight insomnia and promote a better night’s rest.

5. Boosts Skin Health

Roman chamomile essential oil can help treat eczema, gout, poison ivy and other skin irritations, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes smooth, healthy skin by getting rid of bacteria. 

6. Promotes Heart Health

Roman chamomile essential oil contains high levels of flavonoids, which promote heart health. The flavonoids work to lower blood pressure and relax the heart, significantly reducing mortality from coronary heart disease. 

7. Supports Digestive Health

Roman chamomile oil is commonly used to help heal gastrointestinal conditions. It can be used to treat or relieve gas, acid reflux, indigestion, diarrhea and nausea, thanks to its natural soothing properties.

8. Helps Relieve Arthritis Pain

Studies have shown that the flavonoids in Roman chamomile oil are able to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin. You can app the oil topically or added to a warm bath to help treat rheumatoid arthritis symptoms throughout the body.

Watch the video below for tips on how to use Roman chamomile oil:

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