The color of your eyes determines the kind of sexual partner you need

The color of your eyes reflect your personality to a large extent and in turn, speaks volumes about the kind of sexual partner you need. Read on.

Your eyes are the window to your soul and the color in them reflects your inner personality. It reveals your deepest secrets if you are just willing to look deeply into them. No wonder, looking into your partners’ eyes deeply is considered a romantic gesture as it reveals what stirs within you.

The color of your eyes, therefore, say a lot about the personality and especially about the kind of sexual partner you need. Go ahead, find out what kind of sexual partner your heart desires.

(Note: The following does not apply to everyone as there are always exceptions to a rule)

#1 Black

Truly black eyes are extremely rare. What appears as black, commonly, is usually a very dark variation of the color brown. The personality associated with black colored eyes is mysterious, enigmatic and secretive. People who have true dark eyes are the secret keepers of the world and there is no way they would let out what’s supposed to remain hidden.

If you have black eyes, then chances are that you too are on the mysterious side of life. Your sexual partner, therefore, needs to be enigmatic as well. You would fall for a person with complex personality and who thinks deep and sound.

Your sexual partner needs to have different sides to their personality as simplicity is just not what you expect. They need to be charming and nothing is more attractive to you than a person with a deep, and slightly darker, soul.

#2 Brown

Brown is the most common color of eyes in the world and it ranges from light brown to its darker shades. Here, we deal with the most common traits and not the highly specific ones, of people with brown eyes. People with brown eyes are on the optimistic side of life.

They are creative, to a certain extent, but hard working, most of all. The one thing that they are known for is their commitment. It’s always all or nothing with them.

If you have brown eyes, then your partner needs to be committed to you as much as you are to them. You do not expect anything less than complete loyalty and acceptance as you provide the same. Your relationship needs to be on an equal footing and when it comes to sex, pleasure needs to be served both ways.

Your partner, therefore, should be alert to your needs as you are to them but more importantly, dedicated to you and no one else.

#3 Blue

Blue is one of the most desirable colors for eyes, around the world. There is an intrigue about the color that brings out the beauty of your eyes. Deep and sensual, blue colored eyes reflect the vastness of both the oceans and the skies, bringing out something very primal and beautiful about your personality.

If your eyes are blue in color, then your sexual partner needs to reflect the great range of personality like your eye does. They need to be sensitive and rough at the same time, they need to be strong and warm simultaneously and loving and challenging too.

The sexual partner, most suited to your personality, has to be a perfect blend of two opposing traits as that brings out contradictions which you love exploring.

#4 Hazel

The color is a beautiful mixture of Brown and Green and the first word that comes to mind while looking at these eyes is graceful. People with Hazel colored eyes are usually elegant, poised and sensual. They are in touch with their inner-self and may incline towards introversion. They, however, are extremely funny, spontaneous and witty once you get past their tough exterior.

If your eyes are Hazel colored then your partner needs to compliment you at every step. They need to match you (compatibility is the highest priority for you) emotionally, physically and spiritually. They need to be right there, on par with everything you are.

You are not the sort of person to fall for someone who doesn’t understand themselves and hence, a self-aware and a confident person is the one suited best for your sexual partner.

#5 Gray

Gray is the blend of two extremes, black and white. It is an ambiguous color and reveals almost nothing. People with Gray in their eyes are the ones who keep themselves to themselves and are the most complicated to understand. There is so much going on within their minds that they hardly even care for what’s going on outside.

But once they let you in and show you their world, you have no other option to fall for them as the world they create is usually a wonder to behold.

Your partner, if your eyes are Gray, needs to be highly creative by nature and you know when someone’s faking creativity as your personality sees both sides of the coin. They need to be expressive as well for creativity without expression is meaningless to you.

The most important thing about your personality is that you need to be impressed by the person before you let them into your life. Thus, your sexual partner has to work hard for you and only when you feel that they have earned your respect that you let them come close to you.

#6 Green

Green is the color of the wild, the raw and the free. A color of rejuvenation, Green marks the nurturing yet primal side of a person. If Green is your color then your personality is a blend of your civilized side and your core animal instincts, it is a mix between unconditional love and raw lust and is the perfect concoction of passion and calm.

Your sexual partner, therefore, needs to be a saint on the streets and a devil in the sheets. They have to be caring while ravaging at the same time, a difficult skill to pull off but your personality commands that. Your partner needs to not only show love but prove it to you.

Further, your sexual partner has to be free-willed and raw, most of all. They need to be passionate enough to match your zeal and there would be no compromise from you when it comes to their performance; if it’s not the best, they are just like the rest, not for you.



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