The 7 Zodiac Signs That Will Not Hesitate To Cut You Out Of Their Lives

Some of us handle drama and problems better than others but none of us should be putting up with it period. Life is a lot more complicated than you might think it is.

When it comes to people who are willing to cut others out of their lives or go out of their way to really nip drama in the butt seven of the twelve signs know what they are doing. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there are exceptions to this kind of thing but for the most part, these signs will ghost those who do them wrong without a second thought. People who are causing problems and holding us back don’t deserve a place in our lives anyway.

Below I am going to go over these seven signs and how or why they might cut someone out of their lives. Even if your sign doesn’t make the list you should take these things as advice for how you should be. Sometimes people need to be cut out of our lives with good reason.

The 7 Zodiac Signs That Will Not Hesitate to Cut You Out of Their Lives:


The Aries is not about to waste his or her time. They are a very driven sign and they work much harder than most other people. If you do anything to really betray them they will not let you stick around, they will cut ties big time.


The Taurus is a very real sign, they are not going to put up with people taking advantage of them. If you try to manipulate them or hold them back they will not hesitate to cut ties. They will go out of their way to make sure every shred of your presence has been removed.


Virgos will really put up with a lot more than most other signs will. They will keep letting you walk all over them until they have truly had enough. Once they have had enough they will let you know why they aren’t going to fuck with you anymore. Rightfully so, once they realize what is going on they do not give things a second thought.


Leos will really go above and beyond for the people in their lives. The only reason a Leo will cut you out of his or her life is because you are being a bad influence and dragging them down. While they can be a bit shallow and sometimes they might be wrong in what they do, they try their best to strive for more and if you can’t keep up they aren’t going to waste their time.


Scorpios will really do all that they can for you until you show them that you are disloyal. Loyalty is a very important thing for the Scorpio. This kind of thing is why the Scorpio keeps his or her group of friends relatively small. Trust and honesty matter to the Scorpio, they will not hesitate to cut ties if you give them a reason to not trust you.


If you are rude to the Aquarius or you make them feel like you are taking advantage of them they will cut ties. They will not let you act like you are better than them. If they think you are wasting their time they will jump ship and cut ties, you will never hear from them again.

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