Teen Channels Michael Jackson During Talent Show & It’s Epic!

This teen is stealing the show during his school’s talent show by dancing just like Michael Jackson…

From the signature glove and hat to the flawless moonwalk this kid has the Michael Jackson routine down. This teen is dominating his school’s talent show with his amazing dancing. Many would consider someone this young with this much talent a serious prodigy especially considering the crowd’s reaction.

The crowd is roaring as this young teen does the moonwalk and several other signature Michael Jackson dance moves. Not only did the teen pull off a great moonwalk he also did a really great job lip-syncing the whole song. The reaction from the crowd is proof enough of how amazing this teen’s act is. The video, posted by the YouTube account imryanang, has over one and a half million views and is quickly nearing almost 2 million views. This teen probably thought he was the talk of his school after his amazing performance at the talent show. However, the teen is quickly becoming an internet sensation now.

This video is going viral on the internet and this exceptionally talented teen is getting recognized for his amazing Michael Jackson act!

The teen even seems to have Michael Jackson’s classic swagger while he’s lip-syncing:


The most amazing part of it all is when the young dancer was able to pull off a completely flawless moonwalk – the crowd went absolutely wild!

This kid must have spent a lot of time watching Michael Jackson music videos because he has the act completely replicated:

Watch the entire video of this young teen dominating his school’s talent show while he channels Michael Jackson:

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