Only The Most Observant Can Find The 2 Hidden Cats In This Vintage Photo

Pictured below is a a drawing of a lovely 19th century family. It features a mom, a dad, and a little girl, and they all seem to be enjoying their evening together. Dad is enjoying the newspaper while Mom works on her sewing, and their daughter is entertaining herself with her baby doll. But there is another living creature in this photo–actually, there are two! Within this pleasant scene are two hidden cats. The question is are you able to find the darling felines?

Take a look at the image. Can you find the two hidden cats?

Were you able to find the cats? Keep looking! This photo is more than just an ad for Arnold’s Balsam, which was allegedly a cure for such ailments as digestive distress and cholera. Companies would put hidden images on these advertisement cards to make their marketing more interactive.

Did you find the two cats yet? No? Well, if you’re ready to give up, here is where one of the cats is hidden:

Ah, there’s one of the felines! Maybe Mom and Daughter are trying to tell Dad to get his feet off their pet! The nerve!

But what about the other cat? Were you able to find him? If you need a clue, try taking a closer look near Mom’s thread work. Do you see the cat now?

If not, here is the solution for the second cat:

Well, how did you do? Were you able to find both cats on your own? Be sure to share with your friends! Maybe this puzzle will stump them!


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