How to Reduce a Double Chin – Facial Exercises (VIDEO)

Any woman grieves appearance of a second (double) chin. The best thing, of course, is to avoid this. Unfortunately, we are not inclined to preventive measures. We much more care about the car or apartment.

We recall ourselves only by reflection in the mirror and then relevant question have raised up – How to remove double chin?

There are a great deal of different facial exercises for double chin, but the main thing is not the quantity of them but constancy and insistence. Three days will not help you at once; you need to engage in itself continuously.

Plastic surgery exists of course especially for lazy persons, but I believe that surgical intervention must take place as a last resort only in extreme case, when nothing else will help.

How to lose of double chin

Do each exercise 5-7 times


  • Easy move the chin forward & backward.

“Spade” – an exercise for strengthen the muscles of the chin

  • Open your mouth wide.
  • Bend the lower lip inside.
  • Close your mouth pulling the lower jaw forward (as if you try to scoop the water).

Relax muscles

  • Easy move the jaw up and down.
  • Do this after each exercise.

“Kiss of the ceiling” – an exercise for strengthen the muscles of the neck.

  • Lift the face up and look at the ceiling.
  • Blow the kiss towards the ceiling.

Touch the nose – an exercise for the muscles of the hyoid.

  • Stick out your tongue.
  • Try to reach the nose by tongue tip.


  • Put your elbows on the table.
  • Put the chin on your fists.
  • Push your chin against the fists, trying to overcome the resistance.

The “Triangle of Youth” – an exercise for the perfect oval face.

  • Turn your head to the left.
  • Pull the lower jaw forward straining muscles of the neck.
  • Turn your head to the right.
  • Do the same to the other side.

Gymnastics is finished. You need 10 minutes a day to remove fat and tighten the skin in the area of double chin.

To simplify the written task watch

Video – How to get rid of double chin





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