Fitness Blogger Shares Powerful Photo to Teach THIS Important Message!

Are you weight-conscious? 8 out of every 10 Americans are.

And while that can be good, there’s a fine line between weight-consciousness and weight obsession.

You know what I’m talking about – on the other side of that line lies the calorie counting as well as the constant scale and mirror checking.

Being weight-obsessed can take all the fun out of life and make you forget about the things that make you happy aside from your appearance.

Fitness blogger Kelsey Wells knows all about weight obsession. She’s struggled with it herself. But then, she came to a realization: weight doesn’t matter.

I’ll let Kelsey explain it:

Users on Instagram have liked Kelsey’s post more than 34.7k times. Many people have been inspired by Kelsey’s message, including Ashton Kutcher, who shared it on his Facebook page.

What do you think of Kelsey’s message? Do you agree? Drop us a note in the comments!


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