5 Lessons About Life That Your Teachers Didn’t Teach You

Teachers are the ones who don’t only teach about educative things in life, but they also inspire us about our future goals.
But sometimes, life lessons can be learned not only from teachers, but from other people as well.
There are countless of people who have spend a difficult life or a life with lots of struggles and got always a motivational story to tell.
Scroll down to see some similar stories that weren’t taught in school.

Which Are 5 Lessons About Life That You Probably Didn’t Learn In School?

1. Your Job Position Doesn’t Describe Your Identity

Most people go into careers that they don’t truly enjoy just to make good money, and according to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey, a whopping 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs.

Many become attached to their job titles, thinking that their labels really determine who they are. However, you are much more than the job you hold; you are literally energy personified.

A job title doesn’t even begin to describe your true identity; it only shows what you do to make income. Your character and level of consciousness do a much better job of portraying what lies within your heart.

2. Try To Collaborate Instead Of Compete With Someone

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

School teaches us to regurgitate “facts” we have learned in textbooks, get high marks on tests, put those results on our resumes, and get a good job making an honest living. It teaches very little about the power of the collective and what we can really accomplish together.

You have unlimited potential, but it expands even more when you share your knowledge and experiences with others and view others as equal players in this grand scheme of life.

3. Try New Experiences, Because That Way You Will Learn More About Life.

Schooling seems to value learning from books over gaining knowledge from experiences. Extracurricular activities and recess time have been cut drastically in recent years as more emphasis is put on end-of-year statewide tests designed to measure everyone on the same principles.

However, everyone learns differently, and you don’t create yourself by reading information given by others.

You invent yourself by getting out there and immersing yourself in new experiences that will make a lasting impression on your heart and soul. Real learning begins to take place once you have left the confines of school and allow life to be your teacher.

4. Food As One Of The Essential Things For A Healthy Life

What school teaches very little of is something that will impact your entire life: nutrition. Upon graduating, most of us learned the horrors of our food industries on this Earth, and began educating ourselves on proper health and nutrition.

Fruit and vegetables can heal, and will raise you into a totally new vibration.

5. Try To Do The Opposite Things In Your Society, And Ignore Doing The Same Things

Schooling teaches conformity, but looking at our current state of affairs, most of us can probably agree that paving our own path will take us to a better place than following the crowd. Nonconformity will set you free from society’s chains.


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