5 Healthy Foods That Contain Hidden Sugar

To consume healthy food can sound like the best option for you. But sometimes choosing the right food can be really hard.
Even if you think that you are eating healthy food, in fact, you can consume too much sugar or other dangerous ingredients that can cause the obesity, cardiovascular problems or diabetes.
In order to make sure that you are eating the right food, you should know which are some types of food that have hidden sugar.

Which Are 5 Foods That Have Hidden Sugar You Should Avoid


This may seem like a quick, healthy morning meal, but Instant Oatmeal is hiding more sugar in it than you probably realize. Oatmeal by itself is a healthy meal, but the instant packets can really pack a lot of sugar. If you make some overnight oats with steel cut oats and milk, then you’ll have the same thing without all that sugar.


Low-fat salad dressing may be low in fat, but it’s definitely high in sugar. When the fat in something is removed, it’s often replaced with sugar for the flavor.

Research neuroscientist / psychologist and expert in the fields of nutrition, diet and addiction Dr. Nicole Avena says, “Sounds like a healthy way to jazz up your greens, right? Not if you are trying to cut back on sugar intake. Many contain added sugars. Be extra wary of ones that are marketed as “fat-free”, as these often replace the flavor lost when they take out the fat with more added sugars.”

Eating your normal salad dressing in moderation may be better than just replacing it with high-sugar varieties. After all, everything can be okay in moderation.


A lot of people reach for a sports drink when the middle of the afternoon rolls around. After all, it seems like the right thing to do in order to get that final burst of energy to make it through the day. However, sports drinks boost your energy by – you guessed it – caffeine and sugar. Sports drinks are for people who are doing intense sports regimens, not trying to make it through the day.


How could anyone have anything bad to say about granola? After all, it’s often touted as one of the healthiest foods out there. Unfortunately, a lot of brands that make ‘natural’ granola also add in sugar for the flavor, like honey and molasses.

Author, nutrition and fitness expert Dr. Pamela Peeke mentioned, “Granola bars are densely packed calories that are very difficult to portion control as the sweetness increases your appetite for more. If you want satisfying crunch, reach for 12 almonds or walnuts.”

If granola is still your favorite snack, look for high fiber granola, which tends to have less sugar.


Fruit! It’s natural! It’s delicious! Of course, it has some sugar, but how bad can it be? Dried fruit that’s ready for on the go snacking tends to have as much sugar as your average candy bar. You also tend to eat more, because you don’t conceptualize there are five or so fruits mixed up in the bag!


If you suffer from chronic stomach bloating, you’re not alone.…