5 Habits That Distract You From Achieving Goals

Stress, fear of failure, others opinions, lack of self-confidence and many other reasons can distract you from achieving goals.
But you should keep reminding yourself that if you want to reach success, you should believe in yourself and forget all the bad thoughts.
It’s totally normal if you have some short-term distractions that make you lose your focus from time to time.
But if these distractions start to appear frequently, it’s better to stop doing some things and have more trust in your goals.

Which Are 5 Habits That Distract You From Achieving Goals?

1. Spending Too Much Time In Social Networks

You know when you have to write a paper for work or school, but you go to YouTube instead to watch one video…and ten minutes of indulging in your guilty pleasure somehow turns into three hours of anything but achieving?

To achieve your goals, you have to exercise some self-control, as difficult as it might seem at first. Limit yourself to watching one video, knowing that you can come back later when you finish the tasks at hand. You can also leave open only the tabs that relate to what needs to get done (writing a paper or a blog post, researching for an assignment, etc). The Internet is a wonderful tool for sharing information and learning new things, but you have to make the cyber world work for you.

Prioritize the work first so you can have fun later.

2. You Aren’t Enjoying Your Present And Are Living In The Future  

Maybe you have ambitious goals like visiting every country in the world, becoming a best-selling author, running a business, or something of the sort. It’s fine to desire (and visualize) better things in life, but when you get so wrapped up in living a different reality that you no longer enjoy your current one, it will only push you farther away from your dreams.

Create your future intentionally, one small goal at a time. Before you know it, you will have achieved your dreams, not by saying “I will only feel accomplished when I reach X goal,” but by saying “I am consciously working on my goals every day, so they will have no choice but to manifest.”

3. You Give Up Easily

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” – Billy Ocean

This popular phrase just means that when adversity comes along, the most determined people push through it rather than throwing in the towel. Life will only seem difficult if you make it that way, so in reality, no challenge will seem too great if you decide to never give up. It all comes down to your mentality – do you want to be a whiner, or a winner?

You have a choice, so if something is really important to you, find your grit and don’t ever back down.

4. You Aren’t Specific In Doing Something, But Rather Like To Do Couple Of Things At The Same Time

We live in the age of multitasking, which means getting more things done in less time. But is that really the best way to achieve goals? If you spread yourself too thin, that means you give 5% to 20 tasks rather than 100% to one task. This will leave you feeling frazzled, and the outcome won’t reflect your best effort.

Try your best to only focus on doing one thing at a time. This is actually our natural state, not jumping around from one thing to another in a frenzied manner. Give more value to everything in your life, and you will start seeing much better results.

5. You Are Afraid Of Failure

Society teaches that if you make a mistake, you fail at life. However, the only way to truly fail is to never try at all. Don’t become so attached to perfection that you stay in your bubble of safety and comfort – you will never learn and grow if you constantly cling to the shores of familiarity and order.

Go out on a limb and put yourself to the test – if it doesn’t turn out how you hoped, you will at least have experience under your belt so you can do it differently next time. Simply living is the greatest achievement of all, and you can’t live if you trap yourself in the prison of fear.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein


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