5 Essentials Alpha People Want From Their Partner

Are you dating or married to an alpha person? If this is your first time you’re hearing about alpha personality, you should know that there’s no “uhm,” “hmm,” or “yeah, but” in their mind.

So it is very advantageous to be with someone who has an alpha personality.

Their behaviours will help you solve the problems easier and be more accurate for requirements.

But did you ever wonder what are their demands? Scroll down to see what do they need in a perfect relationship.

Which Are 5 Things Alpha People Want From Their Partner?


If you call an Alpha and cancel at the last second, you better have a dang good excuse. Alpha people cannot stand those who don’t keep their word; in fact, it isn’t unheard of for an Alpha to shut someone out who breaks a promise and fails to give a good reason why.


Alphas are highly-organized in every area of their life – work, personal, and otherwise. They are not okay with disorder of any kind, particularly in relationships.

But, don’t we all let things get messy once in a while? Of course, we do! Once in a while.


Having some goals certainly puts you in good graces with Alphas – because they’re always striving for some personal aim. Being driven is more about self-respect than it is success; though Alphas tend to be successful in what they set out to do.

In short, better have some drive when you ‘get in’ with an Alpha.


For all of their strengths, Alphas have some weaknesses too: their near inability to sit still, for one. Alphas tend to be very spontaneous and adventurous – almost to the point of mania. While this can be fun and exciting, us more relaxed folk may not be particular fans of the Sunday afternoon “Get up! Get up!” “Let’s go! Let’s go!”


Alphas can be just as funny – if not funnier – than anyone else. On the other hand, their mind is probably going 200 miles a minute trying to figure something out. If you can deliver a good dollop of humor during stressful moments, you may just turn out to be an Alpha’s soulmate.

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