4 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Are you tired of dealing with hair loss?
According to the health experts, almost 88% of women, complain about hair loss.
They also try to cure this problem naturally but sometimes there’s no success.
If you want to get rid of hair loss, it’s better to identify the problem and then treat it. Below you can find some ways of fixing this problem.

How To Prevent Hair Loss?


This treatment is often prescribed after menopause. Women who suffer from hair loss after menopause may find that hormone replacement can help with many side effects, like hot flashes. However, it’s also good for restoring hair loss.


This is useful for women who find that their hair loss is happening closer to the front of their head, but the rest of their hair remains thick and healthy. This is where hair transplant makes a good option for women dealing with hair loss. For the best results, hair transplants must be done in two or three sessions, with about six months between each session. While it’s expensive and time-consuming, it’s a good option for women who are struggling with re-growing their hair.


This is a medication that is mostly used to reduce the amount of fluid that’s in your body without reducing your potassium levels. It’s a good alternative for other diuretics. However, this medication is often an antiandrogen, which means that the dihydrotestosterone in a woman’s body can be tamed. It can help stop this particular hormone from attacking hair follicles and killing off a woman’s healthy hair.


This treatment is most well-known for helping men with their male pattern baldness. It isn’t just for men, though! Rogaine is a topical medication that also works for women. While this treatment can take months, the results are pretty promising. Rogaine isn’t known for restoring a full head of hair in severe hair loss cases, but it can be enough to help restore thinning hair and lost patches.


Hair loss in women doesn’t have to be a hopeless cause. Just because hair loss in men and the treatments surrounding it are more well-known, doesn’t mean that there isn’t hope for women who suffer from hair loss, too. There are plenty of treatments to common causes of hair loss that can help restore both a woman’s hair and her confidence.


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