4 Uplifting Ways To Live And Not Only Exist In Life

There are some moments in life when you only exist. On the other hand, you don’t give your give your feedback when others argue about something or you don’t participate in your friend’s games.
According to the psychologists, one of the reasons why people only exist in some moments is that they are afraid of others reactions.
But you should know that every person in the world is different and should have free opinions about things in life.
Scroll down to see which are some amazing ways to live and not just exist.

How To Live And Not Only Exist?

1. Try To Be Brave And Fight Your Fears

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” – Jack Canfield

What does this quote mean exactly? Well, nearly everything people want in life involves a certain level of uncertainty and fear. Let’s say you want to travel the world, and you have never left the country before. You have no idea what to expect about other cultures, the laws in other countries, and a whole new way of life. You dream everyday of just leaving your life behind and starting a new chapter full of adventure, but you let your fears stop you. You say “I might run out of money. Someone might hurt me. I might not find a place to stay.” You let your mind take over and come up with every possible worst case scenario.

The best way to get over your fear is to do what you’re most afraid of. You’ll feel more accomplished, fulfilled, happy, peaceful, and ultimately, more alive. Let your fears fuel your passion instead of allowing them to stunt your progress. If more people allowed their hearts rather than minds to serve as their compass, this whole world would explode with passion and people following their dreams. Leave fear behind and embrace the courage within you! All of us have it, and you are no different. You are capable of accomplishing anything you set your mind to, if you just believe in the power within.

2. Be Yourself And Don’t Worry About Others Opinions

Being your unique self gives you the freedom to move through life in a state of “flow,” not worrying what others think or say about you.  Acknowledge your highest self and allow it to flourish! There’s only one of you, and no one possesses all the same amazing qualities as you, so own them. Let your most authentic nature come to life and run free; most people go through life being afraid of who they really are, not allowing their true selves to come to life.

3. Make Sure That You Are Staying With Inspiring And Uplifting People

In order to really feel alive, you must find others who love living just as much (or more!) In general, you should try to find people on the same mission as you, who value following their dreams and actively work toward fulfilling them every day. Some people believe that you become who you surround yourself with, so keep that in mind as you choose your friends and romantic relationships. When you surround yourself with happy, positive and inspiring people, you choose life. You choose to keep the company of those who allow their true selves to shine, and those who welcome abundance and happiness into their lives. If your current friends or partner make you feel down, uninspired, or discontent with life, consider finding new people to hang around.

You deserve to feel excited about life, and who you surround yourself with can either help or hurt you along your journey. While every relationship can teach us something, you have to discern which relationships are worth keeping from those that are best left in the past. Negative people can hold you back, while positive people can encourage you to become the best version of yourself. Positive energy naturally vibrates at a higher frequency than negative energy, so you naturally will feel more alive by choosing more positive people in your life.

4. Follow Your Heart And Not Only Your Brain

When you give in to your heart’s deepest desires, you begin to see life in a different way. Everything seems to look more vibrant and alive, reflecting your inner state of being. You might feel pressured to follow a certain path to please your parents, friends, or spouse, but that might not necessarily be the path you want to take. Part of embracing your true self is in listening to your inner voice, not the voice of others telling you how to live your life. Only you can walk your path and make your dreams come true.  Make sure you live life based on your ideals rather than everyone else’s. No one can tell you how to live your life except for you, because it is only yours to live.

When you follow your heart, you unlock parts of yourself that have been dormant for years. You can transform your life from complacency to unbelievable exuberance by choosing to listen to the power of your own inner voice.

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