4 Toxic Habits That Don’t Let You Be Happy

Sometimes several toxic habits can affect the mood of your life. Instead of being happy, you become a more depressed person and have less excitement for the things you do.
But these toxic habits, can be done unconsciously, and can last for a long period until you stop the time and start thinking.
Thoughts can appear when you realize that you aren’t happy with the life you live, and maybe some little changes can lead to big transformations.
Scroll down to see which are some toxic habits that block happiness.

Which Are 4 Toxic Habits That Block Happiness?

1. Comparing Your Life To Others And Being Envy About The Things You Don’t Have

Being happy happens when we appreciate what we have. Being envious of what other people have is a sign we aren’t happy with what we have and are not living from a place of gratitude.

When we set our sights on having a life that someone else is living, our goal isn’t really to improve our life, it’s to negate the other person’s achievements. To be happy we should be living in support of others and their accomplishments, not trying to diminish them.

2. Finding Excuses For Almost Every Issue

When your happiness is tied to an external circumstance it becomes an excuse. A job, lack of money or a bad relationship is never the cause of unhappiness. It is simply the excuse we give ourselves.

Happiness doesn’t come from something we do or achieve. It happens when we are truly grateful for our life, knowing where we are today is just one step on the path to where we’re headed.

3. Constantly Complaining For The Things That Didn’t Ever Happen

There’s venting and then there’s complaining and the difference is in the action we take. There will always be challenges that frustrate us, but constant complaining serves no purpose except to keep us in a negative space.

Turn complaints into a venting session by ending with the action necessary to move forward. It’s the action that moves us back to the center. Even if that action is to realize there is nothing we can do and agreeing to let it go.

4. Worrying About So Many Things At The Same Time

Most of what we worry about never comes to fruition and yet we continue to worry anyway. A calm mind can be unsettling to someone who thrives on action and activity.

Allowing ourselves to be consumed by worry and stress often gives us the sense that we are active and involved when the reality is we are just creating more friction that moves us further away from happiness.

When worry and stress are consuming, start by taking some sort of action. Just doing something can fulfill your need for activity in a positive way and will begin to allow you to let go of the worry.

Happiness is something you wish to have in each stage…