4 Things That Make Us Afraid (And How To Overcome Them)

Even if we are passionate about something, sometimes we choose to give up and not trying to make our dreams true. But why?

According to the psychologists, many people are trapped in fear and instead let go of the things they like.

Sometimes this fear can be unknown and could come from a reason we don’t really know. There are also some other reasons why we are afraid of doing things in life.

Scroll down to see which are the things that trap us in fear.

Which Are 4 Things That Trap Us In Fear (And How To Overcome Them)?

1. You Don’t Know Why You Are Afraid

After living on this planet for a while, fear tends to build up in our bodies like water in a dry creekbed following several intense rainstorms. Eventually, that fear overflows, drowning us and everyone around us in a paralyzing state of panic. However, just as water recedes after a bad storm, your fear will diminish if you dig deep to find the source of it and give it someplace else to exist besides within you. In other words, you need to figure out what you fear, acknowledge those feelings, and then let them move on, flowing freely as new energy in a different form.

Everything is energy, and if you let go of things weighing you down, you set that energy free to manifest as a (hopefully) more positive outcome somewhere else. It often helps to write down your fears and determine if these scenarios could really happen or not. By writing them down, you can see on paper whether it makes sense to worry about these issues. Oftentimes, you will see that your worries only use up valuable energy; you can then release your fears once you’ve seen what they look like and how harmless they really are.

2. You Choose To Hold Your Fear Inside And Don’t Share This Problem With Others

If something puts us in a state of unease, we often hide it from others in fear of being ridiculed or misunderstood. People tend to tuck any negative emotions under the rug to deal with later, but this can be extremely detrimental. The burden will only grow heavier as time wears on, so make sure to deal with any anxiety you feel now before it becomes unbearable. Talk to someone you love and trust if you feel overwhelmed or don’t know how to handle the fear yourself – don’t feel ashamed in voicing your struggles; people who really care about you will feel more than happy to help you.

3. You Are Focused More In Your Problems And Not Solutions

When you give all your attention to what you feel afraid of, you will only manifest more negative events in your life. Remember, energy flows where attention goes, so keep this in mind as you work through any blockages you might have. By putting all your energy into what will happen by overcoming the fear rather than how badly you the fear makes you feel, you can shift your perspective and see opportunities where you once saw obstacles.

Just think of what kind of person you can become when you turn fear into fortitude, and use that as your incentive to keep going.

4. You Believe That The Bad Things That Happened In Your Past, Will Happen In The Future As Well

How many times do you have recollections of the past and believe that these events determine your life today? By living in the past, you WILL actually recreate those events because all of your energy is focused on those negative occurrences. Remember that your past will only repeat itself if you dwell on the negatives experiences rather than using those as learning tools to better your current reality.

Nothing is permanent unless you allow it to be, so commit to creating a new future by coming to terms with your past and learning from those experiences, rather than allowing them to control you today.

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