4 Signs Your Partner Wants Only Your Body

To be with someone that is passionate about you is wonderful. But if your partner wants you only for your body and not your heart, things can get messed in the end.

You should really appreciate your partner if he / she desires you. On the other hand, for the emotional happiness, it is also essential to be with a person that loves and respects you.

Because life is hard, and one day you will need your partner’s support or hugs to overcome barriers and problems.

Scroll down to see which are some signs your partner wants you for your body and not your heart.


Which Are 4 Signs Your Partner Loves Only Your Body?

1. They Don’t Like To Hold Hands And Do Other Romantic Moves

And that something is usually … you. If your relationship doesn’t have casual affection like kissing, holding hands, cuddling, but you do have plenty of intimate moments together and sex … then it might just be a sign that your partner is using you for your body. Affection is a way to be intimate and grow close together, but if your partner is only interested in the main course, they might not care about getting closer.

2. They Never Go Out With You In Public

If you only ever hang out at your house, or their apartment, and call that a ‘date’, it might be a sign that they’re not really invested in taking you out and showing you off. After all, hanging out at the house means that you can get intimate together all that quicker. If they don’t want to see you outside of that, it might be a sign that they’re not all that into you for your heart.

3. They Don’t Want To Meet With His / Her Family

Not even once. Any time you bring it up, he changes the subject. When someone is using you for your body, they’re not invested in having you meet their friends or family, because “the less information you have about him, the easier it is for him to ghost you. If you don’t know who he hangs out with, or where he lives, or what his last name is, he can disappear like a phantom into the night,” says Frank on Cosmopolitan.

So, if you can’t seem to ever meet their friends, or they don’t want to meet yours, it’s a sign to ditch them for someone who cares.

4. They Usually Want To Meet At Late Night Hours

When was the last time you saw your partner during the day? Have you ever met for breakfast, gone out for lunch, or went to a midday movie together? If the plans that your partner makes with you seems to always be at nighttime, it might be a sign that they’re only interested in doing one thing with you, and it’s not a romantic lunch date.

Or as certified sexologist and author Dr. Sonjia Kenya says, “He’s always trying to see you, but never makes plans to do anything outside the bedroom, because he only wants to see you in the bedroom.


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