4 Brain Foods To Make Your Kids Smarter

Did you know that food is the answer of a healthy life?

According to psychologists, the right food makes people stay away from several diseases.

But food can also impact the way of thinking by making people smarter. There are some types of food that can boost the children’s mental energy by making them more intelligent.

Scroll down to see which are these foods.

Which Are 4 Foods That Make Kids Smarter?


Everyone already knows about the good health of apples, but not everyone knows that apples can be good for your mind as well as your body. What’s inside the apple that makes it so special? Well, it turns out that apples can help protect us from everyday chemicals that can cause damage to our brain cells.

They “contain quercetin, an antioxidant that may fight decline in mental skills,” says Anne Krueger on WebMD. If you start your kid off right with an apple a day, they’ll be able to resist the chemicals they come face to face with every day and keep a smart brain.


Any new parent knows how difficult it is to get a child to eat something that they don’t want. Luckily, one of the top foods that can help boost your baby’s brain functions is delicious and nutritious berries. “In general, the more intense the color, the more nutrition in the berries… The seeds from berries are also a good source of omega-3 fats,” says consultant Sarah Krieger, MPH, RD, LD/N.

Both blueberries and raspberries have compounds in them that can help your memory function better. A child who has a strong memory will undoubtedly do better in school and in life. Not only that, but berries are so yummy you won’t have a problem getting your kid to eat them.


Another food that will be easy to feed your child without any fuss; eggs are a breakfast staple, and for good reason! Researchers have found that fixing your child eggs for breakfast in the morning will give them a good, healthy serving of omega-3 acids that protect their brain, as well as vitamin E that can help fight depression.

According to a recent study by a group of scientists, “Eggs are a good source of nutrients for growth and development. We hypothesized that introducing eggs early during complementary feeding would improve child nutrition… early introduction of eggs significantly improved growth in young children.

Their neurotransmitters will also get a boost, so make sure that you’re giving your kid some delicious scrambled eggs every morning to start the day.


While much more bitter and less of a kid-friendly candy than milk chocolate, dark chocolate has its benefits if your tiny human has a taste for it. Dark chocolate is already well known for boosting our circulatory systems, which gives our brains the blood flow that they need to be healthy and smart.

Consumption of milk or dark chocolate showed improved impulse control and reaction time. These findings provide support for nutrient release via chocolate consumption to enhance cognitive performance,” says associate professor of psychology, Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, in his research.

If you have a child who just can’t get enough dark chocolate, you no longer need to feel guilty about letting them have that extra sweet (as long as it is also low in added sugar), because it’ll help make them smarter in the long run.


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