4 Ancient Beauty Secrets Used By Cleopatra

How much time do you dedicate to beauty rituals?
According to psychologists, almost 90 % of women in the world, spend 30 % of their time during the day in makeup, hair and other facial treatments.
But did you ever think how did people in the ancient times look beautiful when there no lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes or mascaras?

Considering that beauty sounds like an addiction for plenty of women, this article will probably, look interesting for you!
Below you can find some ancient beauty rituals used by Cleopatra.

Which Are 4 Ancient Beauty Secrets Used By Cleopatra?


Hippocrates wrote that Cleopatra used the milk of 700 donkeys to bathe in. Milk contains lactic acid, which is useful as a mild exfoliant. Not having 700 female donkeys around like Cleopatra did, we can recreate this ancient beauty ritual by adding a half-gallon of whole goat milk to a typical bath.

Increase your Cleopatra-like bath quality by adding some fragrant essential oils like jasmine and sandalwood. You can also add some raw, unrefined honey to dissolve in your bathwater. Add up to 1 cup of honey per bath and you should not feel sticky afterwards.


A sea salt scrub down is a great way to invigorate the skin and remove dead skin cells. Cleopatra would have had access to salt mined form caves, as well as that from the sea. Find a good quality, fine grain salt and add some drops of your favorite essential oil. Wet your skin in the shower, then scrub and rinse to recreate this ancient beauty ritual.


Rose water is a delicate astringent that can be sprayed on the face after cleaning, like a toner. Rose water can be made by boiling one cup of rose petals to two cups of water and cooling the mixture. You can also purchase rose water from organic product companies like Inflora Botanica.


There is evidence that Cleopatra contributed to a book of medical remedies and one of her recipes was for alopecia or hair loss. Recipes.hypotheses.org says that Cleopatra suggested that those suffering from baldness shave daily and rub the bald area with a linen cloth, and then anoint the area with a mixture of reed canary grass, (arundinis) an ounce of potassium nitrate (spuma nitri or saltpeter) and a solution of picis liquida (tar water).

Rather than trying to recreate Cleopatra’s hair growth recipe, look for products containing aloe juice, which has been used as an ancient hair and scalp beauty treatment for centuries. Aloe juice is also a good source of fatty acids.

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