3 Ways To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed And Have More Energy

Feeling overwhelmed is totally normal in today’s stress and activity. But did you know there are some ways of stop feeling like that?
Even if this sounds like an impossible mission, don’t forget that there is a solution for almost each thing in life.
If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, scroll down and see some effective ways.

Which Are 3 Ways To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed?

1. Ignore Doing Things That Are Useless And Are Time Consuming

The lack of clarity about what is important in our lives is one of the main reasons why people end up feeling overwhelmed. Establishing clarity can be one of the most impactful solutions to overwhelm.

Setting boundaries around the use of your time is key. Protect your family time and work time equally. They may not always be equal to the amount of hours allocated, but they should be equal in how fervently you protect them. Start scheduling blocks of time on your calendar and establish some rules around that time.

Family time might mean you won’t check emails, Facebook or texts. Work time might mean not calling home to chit chat with your significant other, or it might mean putting rules on your to­do list that supports your big goals. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing deserves your attention. By focusing on the now, you are avoiding overloading your brain.

2. Do Not Be Sorry If You Say “NO”

It’s often hard to say no because, as humans, our natural tendency is to please others. There is a lot of talk about the word “no” and learning to say it. It takes many people well into adulthood to get comfortable saying it. But once they do, their world is changed for the better.

The first step to saying no is to stop saying yes. That might seem obvious but what needs to happen is for you to take time when you asked for something. Stop the automatic yes and allow for the opportunity to say no.

Give”no” a try. It is a sure way to help you manage life and end the feeling of overwhelm. Start slowly at first, and you will soon realize that the only pressure to say yes comes from you.

3. Ask For A Helping Hand Even For Small Things

It is often our limited thinking that prevents us from asking for help when surrounded by people willing and available to accommodate us.

It can be hard to ask for help because no one wants to impose on others. It’s easy to pretend we have it all together and can do it all by ourselves. But why would we want to?

Look at it from the other side of the coin, You probably can’t wait to help others. Helping others is a natural positivity tonic. Since helping others makes you feel good, why not let someone else feel good by helping you?


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