3 Unpleasant Habits That Turn People Off

Did you know that several habits can turn people off and make you unwanted in a relationship or friendship?
Wrong behaviours can lead to misconceptions so it’s really important to know how to act in a society.
Because sometimes you can hurt somebody’s feelings even if you don’t want to.
Scroll down to see which are some unpleasant habits that turn people off.

Which Are 3 Unpleasant Habits That Turn People Off?

1. Ignoring Someone While Talking

There’s not paying attention because you’re anxious or tired, and then there’s not paying attention because you don’t give a crap.

If you’re a good listener, you certainly understand the frustrations of trying to hold a conversation with someone with the attention span of a fruit fly. (It’s one of the most annoyingly rude things ever.)

People who are deserving of your attention should receive it unless they’ve given you a good reason. Another frustrating variation of inattentiveness/inability to listen is interrupting or walking away when someone’s speaking.

2. Rejecting To Take Responsibilities

Once again, a caveat: none of us are deserving of a responsibility halo beaming from atop our head. We’ve all screwed up on our responsibilities  – this writer included (probably to a greater extent than you, dear reader!)

But is that irresponsibility coming from a lack of effort? If so, there’s no rational excuse. If you’ve been fair – say, reminded the person to do “X” or else “Y” on many-an-occasion – their flat-out inability to take responsibility is to blame.

Irresponsibility is indicative of one’s maturity level. If one is lacking, so is the other.

3. Talking Behind Someone’s Back

Ugh. Definitely one of the worst personality traits there is. (Pardon if the rest of the article gets a bit testy as a result.)

High school is over! (Unless you’re reading this and still in high school. If so, welcome!)

In all sincerity, gossiping behavior is something that should’ve disappeared the moment you stepped out into the real world on your lonesome.

It’s still astonishing just how much grown adults gossip and what they chatter about. It’s still far too commonplace to walk into some breakroom at work and hear “He said (x)” “She said (y)” “I heard (z).”

Unattractive isn’t a harsh enough word. This is, indeed, an ugly personality trait.

Please, just stop. Whoever you are.

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