3 Things You Should Think Twice Before Posting On Social Media

Posting a new photo on social media is fun, but sometimes it can hurt somebody’s feelings too.

While you are accepting hundreds of likes, on the other hand your partner can be the person that is being hurt for thousands times.

So, just because your partner doesn’t react when you post something new, don’t think that everything is alright in your relationship.

Always think twice before posting something that isn’t pleasant for your private life.

Which Are 3 Things You Should Never Post On Social Media?

1. Don’t Make Your S*x Life Public, Especially In Social Media

Not many people want to hear what’s going on between you and your significant other, and if they do then you probably DON’T want them to be interested in the first place. While it may be tempting to talk about what a great job your partner does in bed, keep it to close friend talk or text messages with your besties. Try to resist talking out in the open about what goes on behind closed doors.

2. Be Careful! Until You Are Laughing With Your Partner’s Posted Photo, He/She Could Get Angry At The Same Time

When you sneak a picture of your partner sleeping in a funny position, it may be cute and endearing to you – but keep it to yourself until your partner has had a chance to approve whether or not you post it. Your partner may not enjoy a picture of themselves drooling onto your pillow going viral. Besides, when you get permission, you’ll know that you’re both having fun and enjoying the recognition the picture gets.

3. Don’t Let Your Partner Be The “Funny Person” Of The Social Networks

According to marriage and family therapist Aaron Anderson, “When you bring funny things your spouse did up in the right circles, there’s no harm done. But when you post their screw-ups on social media, there’s no context behind it and there’s no filter for what crowd they get shared with. Regardless of how cute you thought it was, your spouse may not want your mother or your college ex to know about it.”

You can’t translate either tone or intent over text. While you can make mean-spirited jokes to your partner in person and they’ll be able to tell you’re just teasing them, it’s not the same over social media. The minute that you put a mean joke about your partner on social media, you’re no longer able to control the tone and intent of the joke. Other people are going to see that joke and not understand the context. If you’re going to tease your partner, keep it to text messages!


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