3 Things You Need To Release In Order To Become A Happier Person

Happiness is something you wish to have in each stage of life.

Starting from the moments you grow up and until you become an old grandmother, you dream for the happy days to follow you.

But sometimes, while trying to reach a goal in life, you lose all your optimistic feelings and turn into a hopeless person.

According to the psychologists, happiness is something you should search for.

Scroll down to see which are some things that need to be released in order to be happy.

Which Are 3 Things You Need To Release In Order To Be Happy?


Feeling is healing–as we allow emotions to surface and release, we clear emotional patterns from our bodies that were energetically blocking us from happiness and abundance.  Energy is always trying to flow to us in the form of new relationships, creative and financial opportunities,and even better health. However, it’s up to us to open the pathways.


We begin by identifying the spiritual ego which is synonymous with fear–this means all thoughts that are not love can be released. Loving perceptions feel expansive, inspired and free. Fearful perceptions feel tight, stuck and doubt, judgment and lack is at the forefront. Choose love over fear.


A belief is simply a thought that has come in over and over until it has formed into a belief. What we believe in, we create. Are you believing in a nightmare or a happy dream? Identify limiting beliefs and commit to releasing them moment-to-moment.

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