3 Reasons Why Technology Can Hurt Your Feelings In A Relationship

Technology is an industry that can bring two people in a relationship, but at the same time may cause divorce.

Considering that likes, comments, shares and other similar interactions, create intimate connections between couples, they can be the reason of arguments and fights too.

In these days, hiding the private life from social media, is becoming an impossible goal.

Every person wants to add the latest stories and pictures from their vacation or dinner.

But unfortunately, this trend can impact the real life and can make the couples live only in a virtual life.

Scroll down to see some reasons why technology can hurt your relationship.  


Why Technology Can Hurt Your Relationship?

1. Technology Can Interrupt Your Time With Your Partner  

Most people today don’t have a lot of free time already, but when we spend an average of 2 hours and 37 minutes on our smartphones per day, that leaves practically nothing left for real relaxation. Not to mention, the same study that found 70% of women had “technoference” in their relationships also discovered that 62% of women said technology interfered with leisure time with their partner.

The more we let technology interrupt our lives, the more our relationships will suffer. For example, when couples go out on dates now, they seem to spend more time checking their phones than talking with their partner. This creates dissatisfaction and loneliness in a relationship, and isn’t the whole point of a relationship to have someone to talk to and bond with?!

2. Technology Can Make You Take Quick Decisions

Maybe you met someone online and realized that they live far away from you. After talking for a few weeks or months, you decide to move in with them or invite them to move in with you. Then, you have an epiphany and realize that you never really knew them at all, and that they have become a completely different person. By not allowing the relationship to unfold and taking time to get to know one another, you can get into relationships with the wrong people. Moving in with someone or even just moving to the city or state where they live is a huge deal, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

3. Technology Can Turn You In A More Isolated Person

We could write a whole book on the link between technology and depression, but for now, we’ll just summarize it as best we can. How does the use of technology cause depression? For one, the blue light emitted from smartphones can interrupt our circadian rhythm, leading to sleep problems, which can result in a depressed mood. For another, smartphones make us isolated, which creates feelings of depression. Furthermore, when your partner continually chooses their phone over you, it can make you feel unloved and neglected, which can cause depression. All of these factors are interconnected, and when combined, it can create severe mental health problems.

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