3 Habits Epic People Do Before Sleeping

Epic people are the ones that are being envied by others.

Their life seems always to be so amazing comparing it to yours.

According to psychologists, around 80 % of people watch TV before going to bed. But other people choose to make other things such as reading their favourite book.

If you are curious about epic people’s life and want to know which are some things they do before bed, just scroll down!

Which Are 3 Things Epic People Do Right Before Bed?

1. Making A To-Do List From A Night Before

Some people have terrible difficulty falling asleep due to the stress of the day. Things play out over and over again in their minds. They try to solve the day’s problems and often lose sleep as a result.

Successful people know that tomorrow is another day and that those problems will still be there tomorrow. Having a good night’s rest will only make them better able to tackle those problems tomorrow.

But sometimes even the most well-rested minds can forget by the following morning. By quickly jotting down the list of thoughts on their mind, they relieve the memory function of their brain. Now they don’t have to worry about remembering something in the morning.

Make it a practice to keep a notebook and pen by your bed so you can quickly jot down your to do list, grocery list, project list, etc. and get it out of your valuable brain space. Now you have more room for sweet dreams.

2. Being Optimistic About Tomorrow

Even something as simple as being thankful for the warm blanket and comfy bed that you’re snuggling into at night puts you in a positive mindset. Successful people look back at what they accomplished for the day with pride. They reflect with gratitude on all that they have learned and accomplished.

Several studies seem to show that making a list of things that people are grateful for before bed led to longer, more restful sleep and less worry at bedtime. Positive thoughts replace negative ones and set the tone for relaxed sleep.

An optimistic mindset is a great way to drift off to sleep. Instead of worrying about what needs to be done, you’re focused on the great things that have already happened. Knowing that great things have already come to you helps set the expectation for more of the same.

People do more when more is expected of them. This is known as the Pygmalion Effect. When we reflect on our past success before bed, we expect great things of ourselves. We create a self-fulfilling prophecy of our greatness.

With these 5 things accomplished before bed, you will unburden your mind, spend time with the important people in your life, and fall asleep with positive thoughts. You’ll successfully achieve blissful rest and you’ll awake ready to conquer the world.

3. Spending A Quality Time With Family Members

Before they settle into bed for the night, this group of people realize that spending quality time with family and friends is what truly makes life the most epic. This could be simply some pillow talk with their partner by allowing them to share their thoughts in an intimate environment. Or it might be reading a bedtime story to the kids at night.

Setting aside time for those who are most important to you shows that you care. It strengthens relationships with those whose support is important to your success. Just like the Oscar winners who thank spouses and family members during acceptance speeches, you need to thank your support system by giving them your valuable time. You couldn’t do it all without them.

Time, once spent, can never be regained. This is one motto that these people take seriously. They prioritize everything and spend time wisely, even before bed. No one in their old age wishes that they had watched more TV. Make time for family, now.

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