3 Factors That May Predict Divorce

Divorce is becoming a very common problem that keeps growing as a phenomenon.

According to psychologists, sometimes the number of divorced couples is bigger than the married ones.

But did you know that sometimes divorce can be predicted?

There are some predictive facts that can impact the marriage life and can break the connection between two people.

Scroll down to see which are these signs.

Which Are 3 Signs That Predict Divorce?

1. Emotional Instability

Neuroticism, or the long-term tendency to be in a negative or anxious emotional state, positively correlates with divorce statistics.

The tendency to overprotect often manifests into controlling behavior. Further, neurotic traits are common in anxiety and depression disorders, which can affect the long-term durability of marriage. While it isn’t known for sure, young age – and the immaturity that often accompanies it – may be at play to some extent here.

2. Differences In Religion Or Education  

Data from the National Survey of Family (NSOF) growth has found that divorce statistics are linked to a number of demographic variables, including education level and religious background.

Individuals who identify with a religious affiliation – coupled with a higher education – tend to have longer-lasting marriages. NSOF data also shows significant differences in divorce rates according to race/ethnicity.

3. Past Divorce History In Family Roots

Studies have repeatedly shown that individuals are more likely to divorce if divorce “runs” in their family. More specifically, children of parents who divorced have a much higher risk of getting divorced as adults.

Research published in the Journal of Family Issues found that parental divorce increased one’s risk of ending their marriage within the first five years by as much as 70 percent. Interestingly, some psychologists believe there may be a genetic predisposition for divorce.

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