3 Amazing Signs You Are In A Relationship With A True Love

How many times did you dream about the true love?

According to psychologists, many people prefer to be single and not in relationship, because they are afraid of never finding the true love.

True love isn’t the perfect person, but is the one that makes you fall in love with him/her everyday.

There are some signs that tell that you’ve found a love for life.

Which Are 3 Signs You’ve Found Love For Life?




Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually, too. Physical compatibility is important when thinking about someone who will love you for life. You need to be able to be intimate with one another and have it be fulfilling for both parties. But not only that, being emotionally and spiritually compatible will bring so much warmth and happiness into your lives.

What does being emotionally and spiritually entail? Well, it’s much like being on someone’s same wavelength. You understand each other’s emotions and can tell when they’re feeling happy or sad just by being near them. When you have someone who can practically predict your mood, then you’ll know that you’ve found a love for life.


A sure sign that you’ve found a love for life is suddenly finding yourself excited and eager for what the future holds. When you think of your life, you’re now thinking a few years down the line and that person is always going to be in it with you. Before, maybe you never thought beyond the next few months.

Now, you might find yourself thinking about what kind of house you’ll want to buy and the kind of schools you want to put your children into, if you’re considering having children at all. Whatever you imagine your future to hold, you’re no longer afraid to look into it. In fact, you’re more excited than ever to see what the future will bring, as long as you have your partner by your side.


The thing about finding a love for life is that this relationship will actually help improve the rest of your relationships as well. When you find a love that is so empowering and energizing, you may find that your friendships and your relationships with your family also benefit from all of that love you’re feeling.

Taoist Master Shunya Barton says, “Whatever we align our vibration and frequency with, that is the vibration and frequency we become. When we speak beautiful and positive words, we become beautiful and positive.

Therefore, when you have a great source of compassion, kindness and positivity in your life, then you’ll be better able to extend that same positivity onto the other relationships in your life. The same way that bad relationships tend to suck the life out of the other relationships in your life, good and fulfilling relationships do the exact opposite. Take a look around at the other relationships you have with people in your life, and you’ll find that they’ve grown stronger and more positive.

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