10 Clever Questions To Clear Your Mind Right Now

Sometimes when you wake up or before trying to sleep you feel like you need to clear your mind.

But why? Are you overwhelmed with the life you’re living for such a long time?

According to the psychologists, people think about clearing their mind when they deal with problems or have a massive change in their life.

Don’t forget, clearing your mind is one of the best things that can happen to your body and soul. You will remove several bad thoughts that were around you for a long time.
Scroll down to see which are the questions that will clear your mind.


Which Are 10 Questions To Clear Your Mind?

  1. What’s holding you back from doing the one thing that you truly want to do? Again, this doesn’t have to be career-related. Perhaps it’s the trip you haven’t taken, the family member you haven’t visited, or the book that you haven’t taken the time to read.
  2. Is it worse to fail or never try? Some people are more afraid of failing than giving themselves the opportunity to fail – the question is why?
  3. Have you been the type of friend that you would want as a friend? We are all happy to receive the company of a good friend, but are we returning the favor? We should all be loyal, kind, supportive, affectionate, and reliable to those that we call friends.
  4. What are you most grateful for? Even though we are all extremely busy, it’s good practice to think of one or two things each day for which to be grateful. You’ll also find that making a habit of this positively affects your disposition throughout the day.
  5. Do you tend to base your opinions in how you feel or how you think? Human beings are unique in that we can be both emotional and rational. There are times in which to follow your heart and there are times in which to follow your head.
  6. Would you rather do work that you love or work that provides a good income? No wrong answer here. We all have different priorities, and some have people who rely on them. However, it’s still worth examining if only for your own knowledge and future choices.
  7. When was the last time that you focused on your breath? Chalk up another reason why a hectic world and lifestyle is bad for us – it makes it nearly impossible to be present. Focusing on your breath can have a positive, calming effect on your mood. Try it!
  8. When you have time alone, what do you do? What do you do with the precious few moments of solitude that you have throughout the day? Consider the importance of solitude and make this valuable time count.
  9. Who do you truly love in your life? How have you demonstrated this recently? Speaking of precious moments – how are you showing love to people that are important to you? Visit, call or send a quick text to someone who’d love to hear from you!
  10. What are you doing to further understand yourself and your place in the world? Complacency is another reason why our hectic lives are not good. On the other hand contemplation, about yourself and your place in the world, is very good.


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