3 Daily Habits That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

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Did you know that your daily habits reveal so much about your personality?

These habits tell if you’re an organized, lazy or hardworking person.

According to psychologists, creative people usually don’t do the same thing on daily basis. They just want to break the routine and do what they really like.

But what about you? Do you prefer the same food every day or like to change it? Are you a slow or fast eater?

Scroll down to see what do the daily habits reveal about your personality.

What Do Your Daily Habits Reveal About Your Personality?

1. Food: Slow Eater Or Fast Eater

“Food-related habits can, in fact, reveal facets of an individual’s personality and behavior tendencies,” says Juliet Boghossian, a behavioral food expert and founder of food research firm Food-ology, “What you want to observe is your ‘consistent’ or ‘typical food related [habits.]”

Here’s are the personality traits Ms. Boghossian attributes to each type of eater – and their potential shortcomings:

– Slow eaters: Confident, level-headed, appreciative; low energy, sad mood.

– Fast eaters: Ambitious, goal-oriented, audacious; impatient, bad temper.

– Adventure eaters (looking for new types of food): risk-taker, loves adrenaline; pushy, nosey.

–  Picky eaters: detailed, sensation seeking; anxious, neurotic

– ‘Isolationist’ (eating one thing at a time): detail-oriented, careful; stubborn

2. Email Writer: Extroverted Or Narcissistic

According to Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, clinical psychologist, the content of your emails can reveal whether you’re extroverted or narcissistic.

The psychologist states that extroverts tend to include “fun” things in their email communications. Extroverts love typing about dates, music, and parties – for example – in their emails.

Narcissists and people with lower emotional intelligence have a stronger tendency to use emotional, controlling, and harsh language. Unsurprisingly, narcissists include a lot of “I’s,” “Me’s” and “Mine’s” in emails.

3. Punctuality: Late Or Early

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, our punctuality (or lack thereof) can reveal if we have Type ‘A’ or Type ‘B’ personalities.

A’s are more aggressive and “go-getting,” generally speaking, than B’s; who are more laid-back and chillaxed.

So, if you’re late to an appointment reading this article, you’re probably a B-type. If you’d rather chuck the phone against a brick wall before being late to an important meeting, you’re probably an A-type.

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